Creative Director: Kyle Hugall
Design Director: Daniel Arenas
Art Director & Designer: Mingu Lee
Photographer: Ian Robinson
Writer: Marshall Woodward
Project Manager: Christina Sailer
Client: Redscout
Studio: Redscout

Designing handwritten odes to the things we love

To celebrate their self-proclaimed “Year of Love”, Innovation and Brand Strategy agency Redscout asked employees to hand-write letters to the things, places and ideas that move them.

The result was “Taxidermy Jackalopes, Super Running & Shower Beers: Handwritten Odes to the Things We Love”, an elaborately titled, lovingly created celebration of everything from fortune cookies and the color grey, to Bowie and dining alone. Released on Valentine’s Day, the letters provide a weird and wonderful insight into the diversity of passions that inspire the agency, while spreading a little love beyond it.