Head of Design: Michael Greenblatt
Design Director: Kelli Adams
Designer: Mingu Lee, Weston Doty
Client: Haar & Co.
Studio: Redscout

Transforming a personal brand into an iconic visual identity

Redscout is putting our design stamp on New York’s Greenwich Village with the launch of an iconic new brand Haar & Co. We’re partnering with Master Barber Michael Haar to bring his original vision for a modern, sophisticated and accessible barbershop to life, backed by Italian shaving product purveyor Proraso. Channeling Haar’s unique personal style, Redscout combined 1930’s influences with classic art deco design to create a distinct identity system that gives a nod to geometric forms of the past while bringing in contemporary sensibilities. We then worked with Haar and architects Moschella & Roberts to carry the design through the entire shop and experience, from the logo, business cards, and website, to the gold foil window displays, custom barber jacket detailing, and even a bespoke inlaid mosaic gracing the entryway. Already the iconic new shop is striking a chord with customers, as the shop attracts bookings and walk-ins alike.